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NMEA Utility


This application can be used to analyse text files containing NMEA and/or AIS marine information. The program can be used to convert the data into several other formats for further processing by other applications. (see below).

The main features of the program are:

  1. Reads in NMEA data log files and analyse the data for significant events (change ot time value/coordinate etc.). The log files may (or may not) contain VDR prefix data (as defined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
  2. Provides a number of tools to allow easy search the data for significant events.
  3. Allows the user to select what data fields are important and which can be ignored
  4. Exports significant data in a number of useful formats:
    • Comma Separated Value files (CSV)
    • Google Earth (KML) - coordinate and time information
    • GPS Utility data file (GPS)
Information from the NMEA sentences is stored in an internal 'Event' data base, which can then be examined.using the various tools and shortcuts. In addition any AIS data received is stored in a separate AIS Event data base.

The freeware version is limited in capacity in terms of the number of source record lines processed, the number of events that can be created and the number of AIS vessels that can be supported. However, this should allow testing by using small dataset files to see if it meets requirements. The freeware version is not time limited.

The registered version has much larger capacity limits.

Current Version

This is Version 1.21 Released 11-JULY-2018

Changes Since Version 1.20

  • Added a Filter to ignore NMEA or AIS items outside a given time period or area of interest
  • Added Multi File Support for sequential files in the same folder
  • Modified date formating facility to include specification of date separator
  • Corrected bug - display of COG in AIS grid view when Format set to Nautical miles

Downloading the Current Version

  • Download the self install 'exe' file - see button below.
  • After download, run this program - the program will then install itself.
  • Please note that you may have to set your security software to trust this program as currently it is fairly new and has not tested by many people.

    Download NMEA Utility NMEA Utility 1.21 (EXE) - 1.1M

How to Register

To register you need to purchase a licence and to supply a "registration name". The current cost for a licence is US$40 (or GBP-29 or EURO-33). The registration name should be between 6 and 72 characters long. It may contain spaces and punctuation - for example, "A. N. Other".

Names should be specific and should identify the person or group/department who will be using the software. Ambiguous or non-specific names may delay your registration. The author may modify the registration name so that it is more specific.

Large companies or organisations should specify a registration name that includes a group, department or regional office name. If using Shareit to register with a company name, then make sure that the company name field specifies the user or user group.

For a site multiple licence, please send an email describing your requirements (email address below).

Note: Once the program has been registered, it is not possible to withdraw the registration. Please ensure that the program fully satisfies your requirements before registering. If, once registered, you do have a problem with the program, please email the author - see Service & Support.

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Run the downloaded file. This will install the file converter into the recommended program installation folder used by NMEA Utility.

Service & Support

Please send any problems or suggestions for improvements to Alan Murphy - see the email address on the main GPS Utility Service & Support page.

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