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Please read the Conditions of Use before downloading any files.

New users are recommended to download the standard edition of GPS Utility . For a description of GPS Utility see the features page.

You may download any of the following files:

  • GPS Utility Standard edition Version 5.31, Released 9-OCT-2017

    This file contains the all the files you need to install and run GPS Utility together with a number of sample files to get you going.

    This version includes the following new function:

    1. Major changes to Export As and Save/Export Options
    2. Exporting from Save/Export dialog does not cause dataset name to change
    3. Support for import of Google Maps Ground Overlay KMZ files
    4. Provide option to import TZD files with ID=Name, Comment and GUID=Comment
    5. Increase number of trackpoints to 4000000
    6. Support for Furuno GP39 GPX file import
    7. Support for import of Waypoint Extensions in Raymarine GPX files
    8. Support for UNIX format of Furuno CSV files
    9. Export waypoint comments in TZD XML file.
    10. a number of fixes and other minor improvements (see history file for details)

    Version 5.30 included:

    1. Support for export of Version 5 Lowrance USR files
    2. Improved behvaiour when using different folders for Opening and Saving files.
    3. Remember track invalid time options (i.e. Ask, Correct or Break) across files
    4. Track smoothing filter for Maximum Speed in Reports (Track Segment Detail)
    5. Added option to key in Track speed smoothing value instead of up/down arrows
    6. Corrected buffer overflow problem with large ADM files (tracks)
    7. a number of fixes and other minor improvements

    Download EITHER

    1. the self install exe file (recommended) - run this and GPSU will install itself
      Download GPSU GPS Utility Version 5.31 - (EXE) - 2.27M
    2. the ZIP file (for user who are unable to download the EXE file)
      - unzip and run the Setup file.
      Download GPSU GPS Utility Version 5.31 - (ZIP) - 2.21M

    If you are upgrading and have your own copies of datums, grids or symbol set files, then take care to back them up before installation.

  • GPS Utility - Beta Test Version
    Version 5.3e Released 24-Mar-2018

    This is provided for users who have requested new function (for full details see the changes.txt file in the package). The zip file contains files which have been updated since the last standard release. As with any Beta level release, ensure that you have saved all data in GPSU and other programs before using it.

    Version 5.3e:

    • Support for export of Coastal Explorer NOB files
    • Fixed bug regarding undefined/invalid depth value in data dialog
    • Calibrate Depth function implemented (as per Altitude Calibration)
    • Support for import of SPH Geo-referenced Image Map files

    Version 5.3d:

    • Support for import of dKart TRD and MRD files
    • Support for import and export of Samyung (*.dat) waypoint files with symbols and colours
    • Provided an option for export of GPX files allowing selection of <cmt> or <desc> tag.
    • Support for import of symbol and colour information from Haiyung *.mrk files
    • Save Timezero TZD and Track *.BIN files including colour information
    • Automatically refresh the JPG catalog when typeing in a new Photo Folder
    • Use existing coordinate when opening an annotation with a georeferenced JPG file
    • Corrections to Symbol Table header line
    • Change to GPX file export (header line)
    • Corrected problem with import of GPX files (Folders inside Folder)
    • several other minor bug fixes

    Download Beta GPS Utility Beta test 5.3e - 1.48M

    You need to install the standard version (5.31) of GPSU first. Unzip and place ALL the files in the SAME folder as the existing installation (normally C:\Program Files\GPS Utility). You may also wish to arrange a desktop shortcut to point to the EXE file. If you get an error message about not being able to find grid or symbol set files, then check that the desktop shortcut points to the correct EXE file in the program installation folder.

    Please send any feedback to the author.

  • GPSU Batch File Converter Utility
    Version 1.3, Released 21-FEB-2013
    This program drives GPSU so as to convert a batch of files from one format to another format. Recent changes:
    • Sizeable window to accommodate longer file names
    • Clearer instructions
    • An extended list of file types


    1. the self install exe file (recommended) - run this and the program will install itself
      Download GPSU BFC GPS Utility Batch File Converter 1.3 (EXE) - 417K
    2. the ZIP file (unzip and run the Setup file)
      Download GPSU BFC GPS Utility Batch File Converter 1.3 (ZIP) - 393K

  • GPSU Import File Converter Utility New
    Version 1.36, Released 26-JANUARY-2015
    The purpose of this program is to help with the task of extracting GPS data from ASCII text files and producing a file that is suitable for import to GPS Utility (GPSU). Normally the files will have been produced by a Database or Spreadsheet program in a comma separated value (CSV) or Tab separated form.

    Recent changes:

    • Remove double quotes from data in rightmost column.
    • Accept dates in the form of 2013-07-28 (Y/M/D)
    • Allow user specified alignment
    • Allow user defined list separator
    • Support for Auxiliary data field (Depth, Heartrate, Heading and Temperature)
    • Support Timestamps which are seconds from 31/12/89 and Excel days from 1/1/1900
    • Provided separate columns for day, month, year
    • Deal with Leading zeros for Eastings/Northings
    • Support blank lines as tracklog segment breaks
    • Deal with dates of the form 12.08.2009
    • Deal with empty coordinate fields with an error message
    • Support Time format HHMMSS and Date format DDMMMYYYY (i.e. no separators)

    Download EITHER

    1. the self install exe file (recommended) - run this and the program will install itself
      Download GPSU FC GPS Utility Import File Converter 1.36 (EXE) - 497K
    2. the ZIP file (unzip and run the Setup file)
      Download GPSU FC GPS Utility Import File Converter 1.36 (ZIP) - 473K

  • NewGPSU Olex File Converter Utility New
    Version 1.13, Released 27th-Aug-2015

    A program for converting OLEX files to/from GPS Utility Format Files.


  • GPSU Waypoint Print Utility
    Version 1.52
    This utility will print a list of waypoint from a GPSU dataset file.
    Download WPU GPSU Waypoint Print Utility - (EXE) - 1.91M

    It has kindly been provided by Benny Herring. Please send all comments, suggestions and queries to Benny.

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